Immigration to Europe from India is actively increasing every year. Europe is providing good job opportunities for Indians followed by residence permits. Many applicants from India are making their attempts for Europe immigration to enjoy European lifestyle and better earning. Business and investment aspects are also more attractive in Europe. To immigrate to Europe from India has been always an attractive target for Indians due to following reasons:

  • Enjoyable livelihood qualities for overseas workers
  • Good financial growth
  • Low crime rate
  • High living standards History has shown that the United Kingdom rules India when it comes to the preferred target for European immigration, followed by Germany, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain. Those seeking to make direct investments in Europe find that it is easy to start or expand their business in Europe offering low levels of corruption combined with liberal open market rules and business-friendly policies.

These significant foreign investments have become possible for Indian citizens, thanks to the Indian Government which has allowed Indian companies to expand their presence globally and to immigrate to Europe from India. The Indian government made it clear that it will take all necessary steps towards encouraging and increasing trade and investments in many European countries. This is in addition to the steps already taken encouraging trade with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.