The Swiss  on  a Sunday referendum  with   a  very few   advantage voted  for  restriction  of  immigration  to Europe  and European Union.

This referendum was organised by Far- right  wing populists . Their  unexpected victory  could  cast  a distrust over Swiss relations with European Union and European Commision.

Anti-immigrant  eurosceptic  political movements and groups  across the Europe hails the Swiss choice and urges  to impose  strict quotas on newcomers in own countries. These radical political  groups also encourage to  stop the immigration to Europe  and European Union .

Switzerland  is  surrounded by EU countries and  has strong trade treatments with this political bloc  although has  no  intentions  become a member  of EU.

The referendum  split Switzerland east to west, with the French –speaking  west voting against the quotas onimmigration to Europe and the German-speaking  east part  voting for clampdown. In Switzerland lives about one million  EU citizens, recently most of them are coming from neighbouring countries like Germany, Italy, France and Portugal.