If you are planning to work legally in any country of Europe , you will need to make actions , based on your citizenship. First of all, you have seriously think about acquisition of temporary residence permit in European countries, select one of them which is appropriate to your possible work and life there.

If you are a non-European Union citizen , especially from Asia or Africa , you will need to obtain a work permit or a visa in advance. Entrust under the company to do a lot of paperwork or make your own act in getting the necessary temporary residence permit in European countries or temporary work is your optional way . Also you would be able to get requisite mails from your future employers as evidence of your intentions. Before leaving homeland , make sure you’ve contacted the embassy that you plan to get temporary residence permit in European country or work , because employment rules changes often.

Once you’ve got the needful papers, you can legally possess an ocassional job or work that may provide some financial support while you are in Europe. You can start study English or local spoken language (depends in what country you are) , work in the wide hospitality sector , pick fruit, take or write interesting articles to magazines. The hospitality sector is probably the biggest origin of temporary work in Europe. If you have a work permit and some experience, it becomes easy to get a wishful job.