The expert group presented a study  “Mobile Device Security : from the  risk towards incomes” in what overviewed basic trends of mobile devices use in business.The study underlines that  smart phones  and tablets changes ordinary computers, there are many various business software for mobile devices. In addition, employers are more tolerant to employees working with smart devices in job purposes.

Entrepreneurs are most concerned on data security in smart devices in case of loss or larceny (75 per cent  of respondents indicated this option as a very relevant). They are worrying about how to ensure effective prevention on data protection in smart devices (72 per cent), how  to harmonize security systems with different mobile platforms (63 per cent), how to separate the content for business purposes and private use (53 per cent), how to protect yourself from malicious software (53 per cent).

To majority of Lithuanian companies the use of mobile devices is becoming a necessity. The biggest part  of  companies  who attaches big attention to innovations of  mobile  technologies achieves  better  business results, increase labor  productivity. However,  mobile  technologies  also creates new threats –  the risk of data leakage and loss is particularly high when mobile phone is purposed for business, where sensitive or intellectual information  loss can have dire  consequences to company reputation

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