There are two types of residence permits – temporary and permanent. For now it is a time to discuss about the rules and their implementation of permanent residence permit According to our law permanent residence in Lithuania shall be granted for a term of five years. It shall demonstrate permanent resident status of an alien.

There are some circumstances that shows by what conditions an alien could be assigned permanent residence in Lithuania:
1. A permanent residence permit in Lithuania may be granted to a foreigner if foreigner has married with a citizen of Lithuania and come to Lithuania to reside.
2.The comparable permit may be issued to a person who comes to Lithuania and is a family member of an alien who has kept the right to citizenship of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure that set up by the Law on Citizenship, or if the alien is a person of Lithuanian provenance. An application for a permanent residence permit in Lithuania shall be get up properly within 4 months since necessary documents submission to the Migration Office. The solution to confirm a permanent residence permit shall be valid by 4-6 months (but no more) since the date it was made. You must apply with regard to make official the permanent residence in Lithuania within this period.