This summers tourists travelling through the European Union countries make sure in all kind of service prices around the Europe. Travellers according to  their needs can choose most appropriate country during the visit time.

The most highest all kind service prices are in Denmark where it in 41.9 percent rate exceeds EU average. Instead the cheapest one to visit is Bulgaria where prices are in 51 percent  lower  than EU average. The second one from expensive countries is Sweden with 28 percent average above.

Service prices in Germany can be considered as a  sort of middle ground, because they are closest to the statistical average (only 1.8 per cent up of average).

Descending this summer on a trip around  the  Europe Union countries should be aware that the food and the shopping centers,  private butcher shops or bakeries  are mostly  cheap  in Poland. Food is relatively inexpensive in other Eastern European countries like Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria.

This statistical overview was prepared  by German Statistical Study Center in pursuance to help people compare service prices for choosing eligible Community country during their  visit time.