The Government of Lithuania has agreed on the amendments that may simplify an existing current admission procedure order of foreign citizens wishing to obtain a http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_about_ Buy Soma No Prior Script Overnight residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of lawful activity. The Government has provided this proposal on confirmation of such amendments to national Parliament (Seimas). It is alleged that an especial attention primarily will be focused on individual creators of innovative businesses as well to the representatives of lacking valuable occupations, and also to the persons who currently studying at the universities and colleges that pursuing necessary education and qualification in Lithuania.

By using these proposed prepared amendments there will be set up a new legal ground for the procedure issuing http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ online pharmacies soma saturday delivery residence permits in Lithuania – to allow temporarily live and work to start-up business creators and their relatives. Following to new corrections to issue them residence permits as soon as it possible. Foreign persons who go to site obtain a temporary residence permit in Lithuania are obliged in the nearest fastest period Tramadol India Online to establish a company and start the planned activity. In case of non-compliance with such obligations Migration Department has the right to deprive from them an issued temporary residence permit.

The Government is also requested to confirm the list of professions of high qualifications, and a list of the missing occupations in Lithuania of such professions. To foreigners who have high qualification a permission for temporary residence (a blue card) will be issued much more faster – within one month in usual order or within 15 days in accelerated order. Currently, the period for decision on residence permit issuance is 1-4 months.

It is also stated that the blue card may obtain foreign citizens having less earnings or incomes. At present time according to law requirementsan employer is obliged to pay the salary to a high skilled foreigner that exacts the amount of 2 months salary. Now is offering that fee to be reduced for 1,5 time (from approx.1470 to 1102 euros).

The government clearly emphasizes that the purpose of such facilitations on immigration procedures and rules has not to be a reason for employers to engage in abuse by bringing a cheap labor force and thus worsening the situation of a local workers as well as make a negative affect to their earnings size

Prepared proposed corrections also affect to studying here foreigners after they obtain a residence permit it will be allowed to work them no more than 20 hours per week by counting from the first year of studies in Lithuania.