go here Target Audience of   inbound tourism are  European countries, more than 90 percent tourists  visiting  Lithuania  are from Europe. According to State Tourism  Department ,inbound tourism forecast  will not change –  main countries from what people are coming to visit our country are Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany and Latvia. This stable  top five is not changing during for several years.

This year has been  noticed the fast-growing number of tourists  from Norway, Ukraine and  United Kingdom . Also increases tourists flows from United States., Japan and China. Stabilized  arriving number of tourists from Poland. Under an optimistic forecast of the State Department of Tourism, this year  estimates 8 percent. inbound tourism growth, that  should exceed  2 millions of foreign tourists.

Starting from  July of Lithuanian Presidency in EU Council  undoubtedly will have a positive impact on growing tourism.

According to the statistics, every second  foreign tourist coming to Lithuania is going  to spend a leisure time, vacation, almost  a quarter of them  here keeps the business and professional affairs. 17 percent of tourists arrives to Lithuania  visit friends, relatives, and 3 per cent  enjoy   spa  and other wellness services.

Last year Lithuania has visited   over a million tourists from  the abroad.