Within half a year prior to Latvia’s transition to the Euro, it supports the introduction of an increasing number of entrepreneurs. As shows the  Market and public opinion research center SKDS,  in June 2013 ,  the adoption of the euro approved  by 48.8 percent. businessmen.

Most proponents of the EU currency  are  major capital firms –  74 percent. businessmen representing companies with over 1 million  lats turnover. 75 percent. respondents represent businesses with 50-249 employees, 71 percent. – companies with 250 or more employees.

One of the main key  factors of Latvia’s  transition into Euro zone  is a potential flow of in estments from states  where the euro is already  is a national currency.

Desire to save the national currency lat inseparable  from the historical and emotional background still remains,  but the study results show the fact that business people are ready to meet  challenges within the euro  because they believe that it will enhance the overall competitiveness of Latvia in the common European Union  market.