The residence permits are renewed every five years, as long as the Non-EU citizen keeps the possession of the property. It is not a work permit that allows to reside in the EU country as an employee. Get European Residency means more than this one – people accept the challenge for their own changes in a life aspiring better social and economic conditions.

Once the non-EU citizen purchases a residence permit in one of the European Union and Schengen Agreement state , then he is allowed to live in that country , exit and re-enter from that country any time without a visa and travel to all Schengen belonged countries without further documentation other than his passport. Get European Residencyand use to these all advantages residing in one of the European Union state – this is a great value to everybody who did not suffer living in another rest part of the world.

This non stable modern world collides with many political and social challenges in various continents, but Europe still remains a quiet lee to people who are determine to make sacrifices for a better life. For this reason get European Residency and live in Europe means a new life without any shoals to all Non-EU citizens. A profound faith in European values like democracy, freedom of religion and conscience, human rights could become a real reprieve to them residing in Europe from various religious, ethnic or ecologic conflicts that suffering people in a Third World countries.