Some countries in Europe are highly attractive to immigrants from the Third World. One of those countries is Denmark that distinguishes for its high social and economic level , public health service, offers a large scale social opportunities to everybody . Denmark for many years is called a state of welfare. This Scandinavian state attracts people from various world places to reside and create a common welfare there.

The number of citizens from India and other Asian countries migrating to this European country steeply increases during the several years. Immigration to Europe from India , especially to Scandinavian states reached a high capacity. There is no doubt for a possible threats to cause. Denmark is famous for many years as a low crime state.

Although the living expenses are really high in Denmark, but this living index not deterring the immigrants to select this welfare state. Many people arrives there under job card permit system. Immigration to Europe from India choosing Denmark as a target shows that Indian people are enjoying to high standards of living in this country and promote to the creation of economical welfare.