One of the world’s most influential sailors‘organization „Royal Ocean Race Club” (RORC) journal „B&G Seahorse“elected Yacht‘s „Ambersail“captain Simonas Steponavičius as June sailor. In a special article is written that the Lithuanian forward leads a passion for sailing and this is his life. Lithuanian and his crew are praised for the sacrifice.

„Ambersail“everywhere come by themselves, no matter how many kilometers they have to sail, while other sailors receive their yachts presented at the start line. Much attention is paid to the “Millennium Odyssey” when the Lithuanians were sailing around the world.

B&G says, that Simonas Steponavičius and all “Ambersail” crew revealed that Lithuanians have a solid foundation in international yacht racing, so the captain is awaiting a great time and the whole world should wait for the rest of the team steps.

“Of course, we are delighted. But this is a team project and recognition, not only mine. The whole team, with which we conducted numerous raids and participated in the prestigious races, deserves praise, – said Simonas Steponavičius.

This is a unique event in the history of Lithuanian sailing. After such success, our small state is becoming better known among the maritime countries. Lithuania now figures among the top ten European countries, with regard to this topic.