If you want to start a business in Lithuania and the EU or get a residence permit in Lithuania and enjoy all the benefits of European citizenship, it is advisable to buy a ready- made company in Lithuania. Depending on your goals and needs, you can:

  • Buy an absolutely pure company without any operations and liabilities.
  • Buy an already operating company with well-deserved and impeccable reputation necessary for cooperation with partners, banks and other organizations and entities. These companies do not have any obligations or liabilities.
  • Buy a company with VAT code for to be able to conduct activities immediately taking into account value added tax and to avoiding losses in trading activities.
  • Buy a ready-made company in Lithuania with a valid license to certain activities, if you are in licensable business.
  • Purchase companies of various legal forms, the benefits of which are available in advance, or start a company with the desired parameters. It should be noted that Lithuania has signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation with most of its partner countries. Therefore, buying of a ready-made company in Lithuania will be beneficial for tax planning purposes.