enter site To offer for Lithuanian consumers and gourmands  exotic traditional Caribbean food and drinks – this is a business plan of  graduated  in Lithuania young Jamaican woman . Her dreams  about the life and business in the EU came true after study  finish in Lithuania.According  to  acting Investors  Forum representatives  in Lithuania  it is more  difficult to  overcome  migration  barriers   in taking roots for  aliens in our country  and get European residency nor to attract potential investors and  customers from abroad.

http://waterloomilitaria.com/product/french-napoleonic-officers-sword/?add-to-cart=2614 “There are  a lot of spicy and tasty food which  is suitable  with  coffee in Jamaica , so  why not to introduce and suggest it  to Lithuania people who like life and business in the EU?  This is the core of my business idea , and Lithuania is a great business environment  for young entrepreneurs  like me . I admire  that  Lithuanians  like coffee so much , ” – says young  Jamaican lady  Keisha Ingram Laraine .

Order Tramadol Online Usa To  start  business in   Lithuania were  promoted  by support from Jamaica.  The national government  encourages  all  projects in the country , which has been billed as Jamaican  brand . Young businesswomanl  hopes to enlarge  this kind of  business in the other Baltic countries.

According  to Investors Forum representatives it  is very  difficult to  small businesses  from  third countries to comply  with all the Migration Office  requirements  in getting permanent residence in Europe.