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go Clothing business in Lithuania

You are interested in doing business in Lithuania but you don‘t know how to open a new company for that? Clothing business in Lithuania is attractive because people in Lithuania are very stylish, like shopping as the way of spending time and tend to choose not only the worldwide known brands but they are also looking for specific clothes, shoes or accessories.

The most popular shops in Lithuania can be classified into several types:

    • Luxury brands, like Armani, Burberry, MaxMara, Escada, etc.
    • Middle class brands like Massimo Dutti, Zara, Bershka, Aldo, etc.
    • Lithuanian designers‘ shops, like Juozas Statkevicius, Ramune Piekautaite, Robert Kalinkin, etc.
    • Boutique type shops with unique brands by usually new designers.
    • Second-hand shops are also very popular.

Also Lithuania is a very attractive market for transfering sewing services from other foreign countries. Foreign investors are interested in opening such business in Lithuania mainly due to cost-saving reasons. In addition to that, setting up clothing business in Lithuania might be a good opportunity for the foreigner in terms of discovering and using benefits of new markets. What you need to know about the business environment before opening clothing business in Lithuania:

    • Lithuania is a member of the European Union and that gives a free movement of goods and services. It means that by having clothing business in Lithuania, you will be able to deliver your production to other countries faster – less documentation is needed.
    • By opening clothes business in Lithuania, you will have an opportunity to increase competitiveness of your business. You will become a part of a new larger market – not only Lithuania but also to reach other foreign countries in EU.
    • Registration process of the new company is convenient and fast in Lithuania. Cost of the company depends on the type and size of the company, i.e. if you are interested in running business for sale (with a certain turnover, employees, etc.), such type of company will be more expensive than the company with no activity.
    • Lithuania can also offer you one of the lowest taxes environment in all the European Union, i.e. tax on corporate profits – 5% or 15%, value added tax – 21%.
    • Also it is worth mentioning that Lithuania has many well-educated and high-skilled people for working in various positions and business industries. Moreover, many foreign entrepreuners tend to choose Lithuania due to cost-saving reasons – there is a perfect balance between the production quality and salaries to be paid.

Before opening new business in Lithuania, you might face many questions: how to start all the procedure for setting up clothing business, how to open a company from zero, what is to do list before starting the whole company registration process. Therefore, our company is ready to answer all your questions – to provide a professional consultancy from how to start the process for setting up business in Lithuania to which business in the best for you to buy. For your own convenience we can offer for you to buy: a running business for sale, an already established company with no business activity, an already established company with a terminated (due to some reasons) business activity or to help you in setting up a company from zero.

If you feel interested in clothing business in Lithuania, do not hesitate to contact our team – we will help you to prepare a to do list forst before opening new business in Lithuania, and then we will help you with all the documentation process for a smooth setting up procedure.

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