If you are looking for an already established business, job, salary, dividends and residence permit in Europe – this unique opportunity is for you!


Bookkeeping and accounting company in Lithuania is FOR SALE
. Well established business with highly skilled employees, good profit and annual turnover. Business is active more than 10 years and has no debts or any liabilities. Company is engaged in accounting, audit and tax consulting services.

Advantages for the investors

  • Already running successful business. Reliable staff. No worries about supervision.
  • Schengen residence permit for a life time;
  • Annual dividends ~70’000 Euro;
  • Job and monthly salary 800 – 3’000 Euro;
  • European social security, schools, hospitals, old age pension etc.;
  • No other expenses or hidden taxes;
  • All in one package: Work and Live in Europe is an easy process!

What is the price for this company? We have 2 options for you

  1. To become a partner of this company, listed price 100’000 Euro.
    In this case you will acquire 33% of the company and become one of the shareholders of the company. This investment allows you to apply for Residence Permit, get salary and enjoy company’s dividends.
  2. In case you want to purchase 100% all of the company, listed price 300’000 Euro. This amount can be divided optionally among 1-4 investors who will get residence permits and all rest advantages.

More details about residence permit in Lithuania press here

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