click here go here A well-evaluated Information Technology (IT) business for sale here Cost 35’000 Eur Contact us  [email protected] or tel. +370 648 70776 – With this business, you can get a European D type visa for 1 year and later residence permit for 2 years. – In the company can be included 1-3 persons  More details about the business:

– We sell our IT department  

– BizbonSoft is a company engaged with websites and different kinds of software development. If you have a business in Europe then you should have and a website. Our department supervise the website and Bizbon’s client’s websites and software


– Incomes for this business is from the clients that want to make a website or create software for their companies. By the way, BIZBON will pay continuously for your support with our website and moreover will provide you with clients in the future.


– This business can be managed from home therefore overheads are low.


– All relevant licenses are in place as well as a bank account. The English language is enough to support this business.


– Monthly incomes depend on your efforts, easily can earn 1’000 – 8’000 Eur and more.



What’s included?


– One year National Visa type “D” which allows traveling through all Schengen zone. We will assist you to prepare needful documents to apply for one year D type visa.


– Company registration in Lithuania where can be included, 1-3 persons.


– Official Business invitation approved by the Immigration office of Lithuania for all business buyers and their family members.



We are selling our IT department because we would like to focus more on what we know the best – business immigration consulting. For this reason, we would be more than glad to have a strong partner who can assist us and our clients with IT development services.


This business comes highly recommended because you will have  Ordering Tramadol Overnight BIZBON as your business partner!
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Soma SHIPPED COD ~ Soma CHEAP NO MEMBERSHIP Please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] or tel. +370 648 70776



* More information about:


  1. To start the process you should send us by email [email protected] a) your copy of passport b) address of living c) tel. number. And make a prepayment of 50%.
  2. One year Visa type “D”:
  3. Residence permit in Lithuania (Schengen zone):
  4. Company registration in Lithuania




1 You send us documents and the required information (copy of passport, your email, address, telephone number) by email [email protected] (it will take several minutes) to prepare a contract. 2 The Client pays an advance payment of 50% of the total amount to initiate the process (it will take 1-3 days until the payment will be cleared in our bank account) (up to 3 days) 3 We prepare necessary documents for the Client to sign within a week or faster and send them by email (up to 7 days) 4 Then the Client prints out our arranged and provided documents pursuant to the instruction, then signs name and signature where needed, and sends back to us by a fast post courier (it will take 7 working days until documents arrive). 5 After we receive the documents, it takes about a week to arrange a full package of documents to the Client (up to 7 days) of company registration in Lithuania. 6 Further, when the documents are prepared and ready, we scan company registration in Lithuania certificate, business invitation, and documents for National visa type “D” and send to the Client by email address. 7 Follow that the Client has to pay the remaining payment of 50% of the total amount.


8 Finally, we do send out all arranged documents to the Client by express courier. The client should apply for a visa in the nearest embassy. Have more questions? Contact us enter site  [email protected] or tel. +370 648 70776