The farmstead is 11 hectares territory area plots in one area:1,80ha- house hold, 3,30ha-forest,5,01ha-meadow,0,81ha-farm buildings(fenced).sites were formed during cadastral and geodetic measurements.year of construction-2000.The following buildings
are located in the part of the territory covered :metalhangar-540sg.m,galvanized on foundation,sheep farm -880sg.m(water supply is installed in the farm),2romm apartment with separate entrance.In the farm is 291sg.m.vegetable storage.Little farm with garage-
140sg.m, fuel storage-50sg.m with clean tanks. A dwelling house is located a little bit far from farm buildings,near the pine forest.House
(dwelling) – 250sg.m.Area 2 floors,construction year – 2000.The first floor of a dwelling house has two entrances.
Sauna near stream and forest – 80sg.m.The second floor of the sauna has a large area and a place for rest.

go site Distance:up to Vilnius-70km motor way and 4km good gravel road,45km. to Alytus, Kaunas.

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