An incredibly cozy and well-equipped café/bar in Kaunas. Kitchen equipment: dishwasher, convection oven, four-space heater, refrigerator, freezer, stainless steel tables, shelf, three sinks, fryer, microwave, all pots and dishes, pans. Bar equipment and furniture: 9 couches, 9 tables, 9 chairs, TV, coffee maker, milk cooler, bar, bar counter, cupboard, servant cupboard, cash register, tools, cups, glasses, work cabinet for the clothes of the employees. Monthly turnover is approximately 6000-7000 euros, the profit is half of this amount. However, if the menu would be adjusted, and if at least minimal advertisement would be made, the profit may really increase, because the business is not fully developed. The café/bar has one worker who works as a bartender and one waiter, the owner also helps. If you will find a second worker to work at the bar, your presence at the café/bar can be minimal. Your help would be little needed, because a very good worker is now working at the bar that takes care of mostly everything. Salary agreement is minimal. The chef has been working since the opening. As you can see this café/bar has an immense potential to grow, and all the major work has been done by the present owner.
The location itself is very promising, the AirBaltic route is being built not far away and the railway district is getting more and more popular. All the passengers go through the café/bar after they buy the tickets for their trips. The owners get along very well with the railway staff, everyone has lunch at the café/bar. It is the only one in that place. Actually, there is also one more – a vegetarian cafe, but the owners do not compete with them, the vegetarian café’s menu is quite limited and they do not serve alcohol, whereas this café/bar has a license to sell alcohol.
The owners have promotional permissions to put advertisement around the station to guide the potential clients to the café/bar. The main hall of the railway station is often rented for various occasions and the café/bar is the first asked whether they can serve snacks, drinks and food. The cafe has good development possibilities – it is possible to build tables outdoors, the menu can be adjusted as much as possible, the rooms are equipped in a modern, cozy atmosphere.
The rent is 199 euros + VAT. The lease is concluded in 5 years with a preference to renew it for another 5 years. Also, in the near future, all travelers under the age of 25 will be able to travel by trains for free, so the amount of clients should only increase. It is also advisable to promote the café/bar by advertising, because some people go through the railway station and do not know where the café/bar is.
As you can see the business already has great potential. After buying this business you can immediately apply for your residence permit.

Price: under request.

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